24 Mar

Giants built the temples of Baalbek in Lebanon

In Baalbek, Lebanon there is a temple named Temple of Jupiter, and was built by Romans when Lebanon became a Roman colony around 27 BC. It’s a fantastic temple, but the most fantastic is it’s foundation, which where already in place when the constructed the temple up on it.

The base of the Temple of Jupiter is called the Trilithon, and is constructed of three 1000-tonne limestone megalithic blocks.

Scholars have no clue why anybody would use such enormously big megalithic blocks.
One scholar calculated that to move a 1000-tonne block, no less than 40,000 men would have been required, making logistics virtually inconceivable on the tiny track up to the temple.

Even more amazing is the fact that in a limestone quarry about one quarter of a mile away from the Temple of jupiter in Baalbek you will find an even bigger megalithic building block, known as “Hajar el Gouble”, the Stone of the South, or the “Hajar el Hibla”, the Stone of the Pregnant Woman, it weighs an estimated 1200 tonnes.

It is not mentioned anywhere in Roman records that they where involved in the construction of the base (the Trilithon).
The local inhabitants of the Beqa’a Valley where Baalbek is situated consist in the main of Arab Muslims, Maronite Christians and Orthodox Christians and they say that Baalbek’s was built by a race of giants under the command of Nimrod, the ’mighty hunter’ and ’king of Shinar’ of the Book of Genesis.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
–Bible, Genesis 6: 1-4

In folklore from Egypt and Palestine there are many accounts of how sound, used in association with ’magic words’, was able to lift and move large stones. It sounds like they used some sonic technology, this could be an explanation how the Giants moved these megaliths.

It is believed that the Baalbek’s foundation was built around 12,500 B.C.

Who where the Giants?
In the Bible, the word nephilim has been translated to Giants.
The Nephilim were an race born from the “daughters of men”, and the “Sons of God”.
Simply put, they where an half alien, half human race.


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